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We feature over 700 wall clocks from the most unassuming wall kitchen clock to the most elaborate Morbier wall clock measuring 65 inches in length. Whether you are looking for the simplest time piece or the most ornate, one of a kind wall clock, Hawkins is the the place to visit.

Traditional Wall Clocks

Traditional Wall Clocks

We carry full bodied movement clocks with single or triple chime movements. Those who don't wish to wind a clock might be interested in trying a new dual chime quartz movement with digital sound, volume control and auto night silencer. They have the look and sound of a full bodied movement wall clock with convenient modern touches. For the nautical buff, see our full array of nautical and maritime wall clocks, including the ship strike clock.

Period Wall Clocks

The discriminating buyer will be amazed at the number of unusual and difficult to find period type clocks on display at Hawkins. From Vienna Regulator clocks to castle clocks and eighteenth century Morbier wall clocks and full wooden gear skeleton clocks, you'll be impressed by our wide selection of fine period wall clocks.     


Contemporary Wall Clocks

For that clean, straight style in wood and in brass, come see the fine display of contemporary clocks at Hawkins. Some even have music boxes that play on the hour and are light sensitive, so you can
enjoy the music during the day and will never be awakened at night.









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