The term 'mantel clock' covers a wide range of clocks, from the bracket clocks to carriage clocks, marble clocks, 400 day clocks, skeleton clocks and the tambour. For the successful attorney, a 'Barrister mantel clock' completes the look of success on top of the barrister bookcase.

Traditional Mantel Clocks

Nothing completes a fireplace mantel like the standard traditional tambour, the ubiquitous Traditional Mantel Clocks'Napoleon's Hat' clock. Not only do we carry several versions and sizes of the typical tambour with full bodied movements in bim bam, single or triple chime, we also have the latest 'flagship' quartz movements with dual chimes and auto night shut off for those Traditional Mantel Clockswho do not want to wind their clocks once a week. The warmth of lustrous cherry, mahogany and other fine woods and the beauty of polished brass details provide the finishing touch to any room.


Period Mantel Clocks

The bracket clock was essentially a development of the Continental table clock in an upright case - Period Mantel Clocksthis was the direct result of the application of the pendulum to clocks. Today this term has been used to distinguish these clocks, which are usually spring driven, from other clock types such as 'weight driven', 'long case' or 'lantern'. Period Mantel ClocksHawkins is proud to present you with several reproductions of the period style clocks - the limited editions of specialty bracket clocks from England and Germany are really incredible. Imagine an 18th Century reproduction in that special spot in your home, or an elegant swinging 'Diana' mystery clock or a rolling ball clock working its way down the wooded slope over eight days.

Contemporary Mantel Clocks

Contemporary Mantel ClocksIf the simple straight lines of contemporary design appeal to you, Hawkins has a wonderful selection of modern and contemporary mantel clocks. From the architectural style of Art Deco reproductions - Contemporary Mantel Clocksto the clean, crisp lines of Scandinavian design in birch, cherry and maple - to dramatic brass and crystal clocks. We have an endless variety of bracket and mantel clocks of different sizes to meet the contemporary lover's needs.

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