hat could be more charming than the soft cuckoo of the bird in a Black Forest Cuckoo Clock? The regular tick-tock of this clock coupled with the hourly cuckoo and, in some instances, the melody of Eidel Weiss playing on the hour, conjures warm, homey thoughts. Choose from a large assortment of Schneider cuckoo clocks. Schneider has been building quality clocks since 1848 and represents the standard which other cuckoo clocks are measured by. The clocks range from a simple one day movement to an eight day movement musical or plain.

awkins Clocks presents our most popular Schneider cuckoo clocks at very special prices. All cuckoos are warranted for 2 years. As a special courtesy to our Web shoppers, we are also offering free shipping on any cuckoo purchase.

Five Leaf, One Bird Style
- Measures 8.5 inches (22 cm)
- Features Gong and strike on the half hour and hour
- 30 hour movement

Super Special
Model #:   HAWK 001

Hunter Style
- Measures 24 inches
- Gong and strike on half hour & hour
- 8 day movement
- Ornately carved
- Offers 'night-off' feature

Special Price
Model #:   HAWK 002

Musical Wood Chopper
- Featuring strike on the half hour & hour
- 30 hour movement
- Hand carved and hand painted wood chopper moves on half hour and full hour
- Water wheel and hand carved and hand painted figurines on the full dancing platform turn when music play on the hour.
- Features 'night-off' lever

Model #:   HAWK 003


Musical Moving Bird

- Measures 17 inches
- Moving feeding bird
- Animation on the hour and half hour
- 8 day movement
- Full dancing platform
- 22 note music box with 2 tunes
- Features 'night-off' lever

Model #:   HAWK 004

Wood Chopper Musical Chalet
- Very detailed 13-inch chalet
- Handset roof shingles
- 8 day movement
- Automatic night shut-off
- 22-note, two tune music box
- Hand painted dancing couples with wood chopper and
wood sawer move to the cuckoo call
- Waterwheel turns to music

Model #:   HAWK 005

Musical Chalet
- Very detailed chalet
- Handset roof shingles
- 8 day movement
- Automatic night shut-off
- Hand carved bambis jump up & down when cuckoo calls
- Beautiful waterwheel turns when music plays
- Two melodies and four dancing figures rotate.
- Clock dial, numbers & hands and dancing figures all wood.

Model #:   HAWK 006

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