By Stoneybrook Clocks

The Arts and Crafts movement has since its inception at the turn of the 20th century always been very fashionable in America.Stoneybrook Clocks has captured the simplicity of this mission style grandfather clock while maintaining uncompromising hand crafted workmanship.

The grandfather case is made of solid oak, full 5/4 " (more than 1 ") lumber carefully handcrafted with a hand rubbed finish.

The dial is metal with Arabic numerals. A crackled dial style is also available if desired.

The extra panels on the front door completes the look of the Ludwig II.

The clock features an American made mechanicl triple chime movement (Westminster, St. Michael's and Whittington)and an automatic night shut off .

The movement is mounted on a European style seat boar mount with back supportsand push levers for chime selection and automatic night shut off.

The wood stick pendulum with the large antique brass pendulum bob and weight shells complete the picture.

This fabulous grandfather clock is available in three different oak finishes and is a numbered series.

As their logo indicates : "Stoneybrook cares enough to build the very best"